Rush Call for Actors in NYC

Mah Jong

Location: New York

Submit to us directly if anyone of the roles fit you… SAG and Non SAG- Deferred Pay- Casting is Tomorrow – Wednesday in NYC (Details will be sent via email).

Mahjongg Character Breakdown: TV Series Pilot


Male / Principal / Asian / 27 – 35 Chinese Gang leader, smooth criminal type with a hard edge who’s just been released from prison determined to regain his hard earned position of power.

Steven Rosenthal
Male / Principal / Caucasian / 40 – 50 Description Jewish lawyer type with a witty straight-forward attitude with street-smart sensibilty

Big Paul
Male / Principal / African American / 25 – 30 Tall, Muscular build, hardened criminal, enforcer-type. Very intimidating! He’s locked up with Jimmy

One Eyed Gangster
Male / Principal / Asian / 20 – 25 Chinese gang-member with a careless, hardluck demeanor

Male / Principal / African American / 20 – 25 Black Gangster-type; sneaky killer

Female / Principal / African American / 20 – 25 Sexy Gangtress with a no-nonsense attitude, street-wise with a heart like a fearless tiger

Male / Principal / African American / 20 – 25 Gang-member, normal build, loyal soldier, extremely reliable

Male / Principal / Asian / 20 – 25 Normal, muscular build, street-wise, very savvy with a smooth yet hard-edge. Quiet killer!

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Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: newyork, ny
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